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This is the outer coffin of a 22nd dynasty priest of Amun named Nespaperennub. Nespaperennub worked as a priest at the temple of Karnak in Thebes. Originally, the middle coffin (SFSU 106.1,2)cartonnage (SFSU 107.1) and mummy of Nespaperennub would have fit inside this coffin in the fashion of a russian doll. Nespaperennub's coffins (and his mummy) were purchased by Adolf Sutro in Egypt in the early 1880s and were displayed at the Sutro Baths for over half a century. Happily, they were transferred to San Francisco State University before the Baths burnt to the ground in 1966.

We will be publishing more on Nespaperennub and his enssemble of coffins as we discover more, so please check back.

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SFSU Global Museum-105.1,2 - Nespaperennub